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            Going to Court
                  Daily hearing list
                        Old daily hearing lists
                  Court calendar
                        Regional circuit court calendar
                  Attending Court
                        Courtroom etiquette
                        Security and support services
                  For jurors
                  For the public
                        VCE education program
                        Open days
                  Representing yourself
                        Getting legal help
                        Starting a legal action
                        Defending a legal action
                        Appealing a decision
            Forms, fees and services
                  Wills and probate
                        Probate forms
                        Grants of probate and administration of deceased estates
                        Applying for a grant of probate or administration
                        Searching probate records
                  Electronic filing and case management
                  Registry services
                        Preparing and filing documents
                        Obtaining copies of documents
                        Advice on urgent matters
                        List of civil cases
                  Support services
                  Funds in Court
            Law and practice
                  Areas of the Court
                        Commercial Court
                        Common Law Division
                        Criminal Division
                        Costs Court
                              Legal costs
                              Callover dates, times and locations
                        Practice Court
                  Specialist areas of law
                        Circuit list
                        Confiscation and proceeds of crime
                        Dust diseases
                        Employment and industrial
                        Intellectual property
                        Judicial review and appeals
                        Major torts
                        Personal injuries
                        Professional liability
                        Technology, engineering and construction
                        Testators family maintenance
                        Trusts, equity and probate
                        Valuation compensation and planning
                  Court of Appeal
                        Criminal appeals
                        Civil appeals
                        Court of Appeal forms
                  Class actions
                        Great Southern group proceedings settlement
                        Kilmore East Kinglake bushfire class action settlement
                  Judgments and sentences
                        Judgments bulletin
                        Judgment summaries
                  Practice Notes
                        Practice Notes archive
                              Trial Division archive
                              Court of Appeal archive
                  Acts, Rules and Regulations
                  Law Library of Victoria
            About the Court
                  How the Court works
                  Our judiciary
                        Associate judges’ jurisdiction
                        Associate judges
                              Associate Judges’ Practice Court (Court 2)
                              Civil management
                        Past judges and associate judges
                        Judicial registrars
                  Strategic statement
                  Court performance
                  Annual reports
                  Our history
                        Stories from the memorial board
                        175th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Victoria
                        Current vacancies
                        For lawyers
                        Work experience and volunteering
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