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Court performance

Court Performance

The Supreme Court of Victoria monitors its performance in a number of ways. Measurements of performance relate to the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the administrative operations of the Court. In no way, do Court performance measures relate to the judicial decisions made in cases heard by the Court.

In line with national and international indicators of efficiency and effectiveness, the Court closely monitors how it is performing in relation to the initiation of new cases, finalisation of cases, clearance rates of cases and the backlog of cases pending.

The Court also evaluates the needs of court users and jurors to continually improve our operations.

Whole of Court performance

Trial Division - Criminal
Trial Division - Civil

Court of Appeal - Criminal
Court of Appeal - Civil

International Framework for Court Excellence

The Supreme Court of Victoria was the first Supreme Court in Australia to become a member of the International Consortium for Court Excellence (ICCE).

Experts from Singapore, Australia, the United States and Europe formed the Consortium to develop an International Framework for Court Excellence (IFCE). The Australasian Institute for Judicial Administration is one of four founding members and the signatory that represented Australia in the development of the IFCE.

The IFCE includes a framework of core values that are aligned with seven areas of excellence. It has an important role in assisting courts to improve the quality of their services. The Supreme Court regularly assesses its performance against the IFCE to ensure it is tracking well in its application of the model.

Find out more about the Consortium and the IFCE from the ICCE website (External link).

Report on Government Services (ROGS) 2015-2016

View the Report on Government Services website (Chapter 7 Court Administration) (External link).

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