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Judicial registrars

Judicial registrars assist judges and associate judges in managing their workload in an efficient way, without compromising either the independence or quality of judicial decision making.

Below is a list of current judicial registrars. 


Judicial registrar Period of office
Judicial Registrar of the Costs Court Meg Gourlay 28 January 2011 -
Judicial Registrar of the Commercial Court Julian Hetyey 3 November 2014 -
Judicial Registrar of the Court of Appeal Ian Andrew Irving 1 March 2016 -
Judicial Registrar of Funds in Court Leonie Englefield 5 July 2016 -
Judicial Registrar of Civil Division Patricia Matthews 24 January 2017 -
Judicial Registrar of Criminal Division Mark Pedley 24 January 2017 -
Judicial Registrar of Common Law Division Julie Clayton 20 February 2017 -


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