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Innovation in Common Law case management

01 May 2017

There has been a profound transformation in the management of cases in the Victorian Supreme Court’s Common Law Division in recent years, necessitated by the higher volume of cases being filed and the increasing complexity of litigation.

The first stage of reforms took place in the Personal Injuries and Dust Diseases lists, and the work in this area has informed and guided significant reforms across the rest of the Division.

The aim is to make all stages of the litigation process easier and speedier, to ensure Court resources are used more efficiently and, thus, ensure savings for Court users, taxpayers and other stakeholders.

Statistical and anecdotal evidence is showing significant improvements in the way common law cases are being managed. These reforms are influencing an intense and widespread cultural change across the Common Law Division and the legal profession. In short, the Common Law Division has become a more active player in the way cases are conducted in the pre-trial and trial phases.

The Supreme Court through the Common Law Division will continue the reform process to ensure it responds to new and emerging trends in litigation, particularly in practice areas involving dust diseases, including asbestos, and sexual abuse claims, and to meet the rising demands of population growth in this state.

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