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Oswal proceedings settle

26 September 2016

The Oswal proceedings, among the largest civil litigation in the history of the Supreme Court of Victoria, concluded last week after the parties reached a settlement.

Justice Dodds-Streeton dismissed all three related proceedings on Thursday 22 September, 2016.

Following five years of protracted case management and numerous applications involving multiple parties, the trial before Justice Dodds-Streeton commenced in May 2016 in the state’s largest court facility, involving an unprecedented number of barristers, legal representatives, and e-trial and live streaming facilities.

At the conclusion of the openings by all parties, Justice Dodds-Streeton referred the proceedings to Associate Justice Efthim for mediation, which resulted in settlement between the plaintiffs and a major party and set the scene for the ultimately successful negotiation between the remaining parties.

Had the proceedings not settled, a costly trial, requiring the commitment of unprecedented court resources, including dedicated associate judges, registrars and support staff, would have continued into early 2017.

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