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Technology and the Commercial Court

24 July 2017

On Thursday 27 July the Commercial Court will be presenting an interactive panel discussion for members of the Victorian Bar about the use of technology in civil litigation.

The discussion will address a wide range of issues including the Supreme Court’s new Technology in Civil Litigation Practice Note, eFiling and the use of electronic files, discovery and technology-assisted trials.

The panel will consist of Justice Croft, Justice Elliott and Judicial Registrar Hetyey of the Commercial Court, Pauline Diano (Director of Digital Strategy at the Supreme Court) and barrister Katherine Brazenor. All have had first-hand experience working with technology in litigation in different ways and bring a range of perspectives to the topic.

A second presentation on Tuesday 1 August has also been organised with Judicial Registrar Hetyey, Pauline Diano and Maggie O'Keefe (Project Manager of the Court’s eFiling program).  

The speakers will be presenting to the Business Law Specialist Section at the Law Institute of Victoria about the Court’s digital strategy and the Commercial Court’s upgraded RedCrest eFiling platform.

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