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Going to Court

This section provides all court users including people representing themselves, visitors, jurors and members of the media, with information about going to Court.

A daily hearing list of all Supreme Court matters being heard each day is published after 3pm, it relates to the following day’s matters. Each listing includes the time and location of the matter being heard.

Attending court

Attending Court

Practical information you need to know before attending court as a witness, juror or visitor.

Court calendar

Court calendar

Term dates for all Supreme Court sittings in Melbourne, and regional Victoria.

Dily lists

Daily hearing list

The Supreme Court produces a daily list of all matters scheduled to be heard each day.

Jury service

For jurors

Juries are required for criminal trials, and some civil trials, in the Supreme Court.

For the public

For the public

Members of the public can visit the Court during business hours and observe proceedings.

Representing your self

Representing yourself

Resources and information for people who do not have legal representation.

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