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Commercial Court

Commercial Court

The objective of the Commercial Court is to provide for the just and efficient determination of commercial disputes. Proceedings are managed by Judges and Associate Judges with extensive commercial expertise and experience. The Commercial Court conducts sittings Monday to Thursday reserving Fridays for directions hearings and applications. First directions are listed two to three weeks from the date the proceeding is issued.

Urgent applications

How do I make an urgent application in the Commercial Court?

The Commercial Court handles genuinely urgent applications in commercial matters using the procedure listed below.

During business hours

To fix an urgent hearing before the Commercial Court Duty Judge please:

  1. Contact the Commercial Court Registry on 9603 4105; then
  2. Email the Commercial Court Registry at: with the following information.

After hours

To fix an urgent hearing before the Commercial Court Duty Judge please:

  1. Contact the Duty Judge Associate on 0439 153 522; then
  2. Email the Duty Judge Associate at: with the following information.

Only if the Duty Judge Associate is unavailable, then:

  1. Contact the Commercial Court on-call Assistant Registrar on 0447 054 310; then
  2. Email the Commercial Court on-call Assistant Registrar at: with the following information.

Please refer to the Notice to the Profession: Updated Practice Court procedures (Commercial Court).

For any Common Law urgent applications, please refer to the Notice to the Profession - Updated Practice Court procedures (Common Law Division).

Commercial Court news

The Commercial Court publishes newsletters, reports and articles. Read the latest news

Judges of the Commercial Court

The Principal Judge of the Commercial Court is the Honourable Justice Hargrave assisted by the Deputy Principal Judge the Honourable Justice Judd. For a list of current Commercial Court judges see the judicial organisational chart.

Judicial Registrar and Commercial Court Registry

Judicial Registrar Hetyey is responsible for the management and oversight of the dedicated Commercial Court Registry. In addition to providing operational support to the Commercial Court Judges, the Judicial Registrar also conducts mediations and performs other judicial functions.

The Commercial Court’s Registry provides counter services including:

  • initiating all proceedings and court process, including applications and subpoenas
  • filing all documents, including court books
  • delivery of documents in response to a subpoena issued in or for a Commercial Court proceeding; and
  • payment of all fees, including trial fees

The Commercial Court Registry is open from 9.30am until 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

General enquiries phone: 03 9603 4105 or email:

Judicial Registrar Hetyey's Associate can be contacted on 03 9603 4210.

Lists in the Commercial Court

The Commercial Court allocates proceedings to commercial or specialist lists. Each list is managed by a judge. In certain circumstances interlocutory applications may be heard and corporations proceedings may be managed by an Associate Judge.  The jurisdiction of Associate Judges is set out in rule 77.04-5 of the Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015 (Chapter I Rules). The powers of Associate Judges and the Judicial Registrar in relation to corporations matters are listed in Schedules 2 and 2A of the Supreme Court (Corporations) Rules 2013 (Chapter V Rules). 

General Commercial lists

The General Commercial Lists are each managed by a Judge of the Commercial Court.  The matters dealt with concern disputes arising from commercial dealings.

From 1 July 2016, the General Commercial Lists A - E will be retired. They will be replaced with Lists corresponding to the relevant managing judge, listed alphabetically below:

  • Commercial List - Almond J
  • Commercial List - Cameron J
  • Commercial List - Croft J
  • Commercial List - Digby J
  • Commercial List - Dodds-Streeton JA
  • Commercial List - Elliott J
  • Commercial List - Hargrave J
  • Commercial List - Judd J
  • Commercial List - Robson J
  • Commercial List - Sifris J
  • Commercial List - Sloss J
  • Commercial List - Vickery J

For more information about the changes to the Commercial Court Lists with effect from 1 July 2016, please refer to the Notice to the Profession - Changes to the Commercial Court Lists and Establishment of Insurance List.

Specialist lists

The specialist lists of the Commercial Court are:

Practitioners should also read the following rules for further guidance about Commercial Court proceedings: 

Commercial Court Fees

Fees for Commercial Court proceedings are set out in the Supreme Court (Fees) Regulations 2012 Part 1A. Practitioners are also referred to Practice Note No. 12 of 2015 Imposition of Fees in Commercial Court Judge-Managed Lists.


RedCrest can be accessed at (External link)  

Order 28A of the Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015 (Chapter I Rules) sets out which matters are required to be filed on RedCrest.  Admiralty, Arbitration and Taxation matters are not currently listed under Order 28A. In addition, matters which fall within the jurisdiction of Associate Judges are not presently intended to be filed on RedCrest. 

If you require assistance with filing on RedCrest or have any queries generally about RedCrest please contact the RedCrest Service Desk: 

Phone: (03) 9603 6042
Email: ​​

The RedCrest Service Desk provides support to the legal profession in relation to RedCrest proceedings between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday. 

Practitioners are also invited to attend the Registry in person for RedCrest assistance if required. 

Please note that RedCrest generates automatic first return dates between 2 and 3 weeks after filing.  If for some reason you need to change that date (e.g. to extend time due to service requirements or to bring the matter on urgently) please contact the Commercial Court Registry on 03 9603 4105, email:



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