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Common Law Division

Common Law

The Common Law Division manages cases that fall into three main areas:

  1. Claims in tort or contract law, including claims involving professional negligence, personal injury and defamation.
  2. Proceedings relating to the Court's supervisory jurisdiction over other Victorian courts, tribunals and public officials such as applications for judicial review and appeals on a question of law.
  3. Cases relating to wills and estates, including testators family maintenance claims.

Judges of the division

The Common Law Division is made up of 14 judges and three associate judges. The division is led by Justice J Forrest as the Principal Judge. His Honour is assisted by Justice Emerton as the Deputy Principal Judge. For a list of current Common Law Division judges see the judicial organisational chart.

Specialist lists in the division

Cases in the Division are managed in one of the following specialist lists.  Each list deals with a specific area of law and is managed by judicial officers with specialist expertise in the area. The initiating party is required to nominate an appropriate specialist list upon initiation.  Detailed information about appropriate types of proceedings for each list may be found in the list Practice Notes.


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