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Testators Family Maintenance List

The Testators Family Maintenance (TFM) List was established on 1 January 2015 as a specialist case management list for all applications for further provision out of a deceased estate under Part IV of the Administration and Probate Act 1958

Judge in Charge 

The Honourable Justice McMillan

Associate Judge assisting in the List

The Honourable Associate Justice Derham

Judicial Registrar

Judicial Registrar Englefield

Management of Cases

Proceedings in the list are managed in accordance with all applicable legislation, including:

Part IV/TFM Precedents

Minutes of order for TFM first directions hearing

Minutes of Orders for Part IV/TFM Application for Approval of Compromise (infant or person under a disability)

Contact details

All communications regarding proceedings in the List should be directed to the TFM Associate:

Directions dates

Directions dates for 2017
February 7 21  
March 7 21  
April 4    
May 2 30  
June 13 27  
July 25    
August 8 22  
September 12    
October 10 24  
November 14 28  
December 12    
Directions dates for 2018
February 6 20
March 6 20
April 17  
May 8 22
June 5 19
July 24  
August 7 21
September 4 18
October 9 23
November 13 27
December 11  



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