File Searches

Most Supreme Court files are able to be searched, subject to availability and payment of the appropriate fee.

Files are searched in the Registry at Level 2, 436 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Files and documents from files must not be removed from the Registry.

Searches are conducted on either a name or file number basis. At the time of conducting the search the form Request to Search must be completed and the appropriate fee must be paid. The
Search form is available from the Registry.

Searches are conducted on the spot by the Counter Staff. Requests should not be made by mail or facsimile.

Types of Search

Name Search
Name searches are generally conducted when either the proceeding number to a particular case is not known or you want to know whether there are anyproceedings involving a partiuclar party.

The fee is payable per name searched and entitles the person to search one file from the match/es found. Any other files located as part of the name search attract the "file number known" fee.

File Number Search
Where a person wishing to search a file is able to quote the proceeding number and the file is available, it may be searched upon payment of the prescribed fee.

Photocopying Files

File documents may be photocopied, subject to the payment of the prescribed fee.


Please refer to the Court Fees list for the current search and photocopying fees.

Ordering Files

It is advisable to phone the Registry to pre-order a file if you know the file number. This will avoid making an unnecessary trip should the file not be available.

Many old and completed files are archived in other buildings and can take some time to retrieve, so it is recommended that you phone to order your file where possible.

Confidential files and documents

Certain files are confidential and are not to be searched. These include criminal proceeding files, divorce files, files involving applications under section 596 of the Corporation Act and those files determined to be confidential by the Court or at the discretion of the Prothonotary.

Certain documents on files are not available for search. These include:

  • outlines of submissions/evidence/arguments
  • Order 44 statements (witness statements and expert reports)
  • synopsis of evidence
  • exhibits to affidavits
  • subpoenaed documents
  • submissions and chronologies
  • documents ordered to be confidential by Court



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