On 20 February 2018, the old High Court (OHC) marked 90-years since its first sitting before a full Bench in 1928.

Completed in January 1928, the old High Court building, located at 450 Little Bourke Street, served as the first purpose-built home of the High Court of Australia.

Designed by John Smith Murdoch, the Commonwealth’s Chief Architect at the time, the building represents an attempt to establish a more modern and dignified national style for Australian public buildings.

The building remained the home of the High Court of Australia for over fifty years. Following the departure of the High Court to Canberra in 1980, the Federal Court occupied the building until 1999. Today it continues to function as a court building and hears cases in the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Explore the interactive online exhibition and watch the video below to learn more about the building.