The Court is pleased to announce the launch of its refreshed website, having moved over to a new platform earlier this morning.

The changes have delivered essential improvements, including better search functionality and improved homepage layout.

The move is an incremental step toward the Court’s larger website redevelopment project, which aims to launch an entirely new site capable of providing greater information and interaction, and new possibilities for conducting Court business in mid-2018.

Although the Court’s website has a different look, the information on it and where it can be found will, for the most, remain the same as the Court’s previous website. For example, ‘Forms, fees and services’ will still appear at the top of the website with the same information about Registry Services, Wills and Probate and Mediations found therein. Similarly, drop down menu items will remain at the top of the site for Going to Court, Law and practice, About the Court and Contact us.

To submit feedback, or to report any errors, please contact (External link).