The Chief Justice, the President and the Judges of the Court of Appeal and Trial Division are called upon to speak from time to time upon various legal or associated topics. The following speeches and papers are made available to the legal profession and the general public.

These speeches and papers are copyright works. Permission is given for fair dealing with these speeches and papers as permitted under copyright legislation, including for the purpose of private study and research. Apart from those uses, no part may be reproduced without prior written permission.

Speeches by date

Date Sort ascending Judicial Officer Title Summary
23/11/2017 Judicial Registrar Hetyey "The Way Forward: Placing Innovative Ideas into Practice" - Technology, Innovation and Change in the Supreme Court of Victoria Remarks by Judicial Registrar Julian Hetyey at the Law Institute of Victoria Future Focus Forum, Melbourne
15/11/2017 Justice Garde Rededication of the plaque ceremony Remarks by the Honourable Justice Greg Garde at the commemoration ceremony in Bendigo to honour four lawyers from that city who gave their lives in service of their country on the battlefields of Anzac and France during the Great War.
24/10/2017 Justice Croft Commentary - United Nations Day Lecture 2017 Commentary by the Honourable Justice Croft on Tim Castle QC’s draft United Nations Day Lecture 2017 paper delivered at the UNCITRAL National Coordination Committee for Australia’s UN Day event, Melbourne.
16/10/2017 Justice Croft Recent developments in Arbitration: at home and abroad A paper presented by the Hon. Justice Clyde Croft to the Arbitration Special Interest Group at the Resolution Institute, Melbourne.
12/10/2017 Chief Justice Ferguson Remarks of the Hon. Anne Ferguson, Chief Justice of Victoria On the occasion of a Welcome sitting in the Banco court in recognition of Her Honour's appointment as Chief Justice of Victoria, Supreme Court of Victoria, Melbourne.
14/09/2017 Justice Tate Speech for the Honourable Marilyn Warren AC, Chief Justice of Victoria Remarks by the Hon. Justice Tate at the Farewell Breakfast for the Hon. Marilyn Warren AC, Chief Justice of Victoria, hosted by the Women Barristers’ Association and Victorian Women Lawyers, Melbourne.
09/09/2017 Justice Weinberg Federal Indictable offences: Has the 'Autochthonous Expedient' run its course? A paper delivered by the Hon. Justice Mark Weinberg at the 40th anniversary of the Federal Court of Australia conference, Sydney.
16/08/2017 Justice Tate Eulogy for the Hon. Rosemary Balmford AM Eulogy for the Hon. Rosemary Balmford AM delivered by the Hon. Justice Pamela Tate, on behalf of the Supreme Court of Victoria, on the occasion of her funeral service, Trinity College Chapel, The University of Melbourne.
12/07/2017 President Maxwell Preventing miscarriages of justice: the reliability of forensic evidence and the role of the trial judge as gatekeeper Remarks of the Hon. Justice Maxwell, President of the Court of Appeal, at the 2017 Conference of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, San Francisco, USA.
07/07/2017 Justice Vickery New horizons for the Bar in the age of technology Remarks by the Hon. Justice Vickery at the 2017 Australian Bar Association Conference, Dublin, Ireland.