Use this Request to Search form when conducting searches of court records.

The Request to Search form (attached at the bottom of this page) must be used when:

  • you seek access to a civil court file within the Trial Division of the Supreme Court (section ‘a’ of the form). Please note that one form will need to be completed for each court file that you wish to search;
  • you seek to conduct a litigation/name search for any civil proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Please list all relevant names that you wish to conduct a search on (see section ‘b’). If insufficient room, please attach a separate page.

Please ensure the particulars of the requestor are included at the bottom of the form.

Please note ‘Guidelines for Inspecting a Court File’ contained on page 2 of this form, which guides in person inspections of court files retained in paper form (generally ‘S CI’ proceedings).


A fee is payable for each litigation search. Refer to item 6.3 in the Fee Lists.

A fee is also payable to search a court file and to photocopy documents (if required). Refer to items 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 of the Fee Lists. Photocopying fees do not apply if you bring a USB drive and scan any documents.

Read the Fees page for more information.


For further information about searching court records, see Searching court records and obtaining copies of documents.

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Supreme Court of Victoria
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