For all enquiries regarding court proceedings via video link in the Court of Appeal , please contact the Court of Appeal Registry on 03 8600 2074.

Criminal proceedings

Where the Court does not require an offender to be in the courtroom for directions hearings in criminal proceedings, a video link is organised by the criminal coordinator at the Court and the relevant prison the day before the hearing .

For all other hearings in a criminal proceeding including bail applications, sentences and trials, offenders are required attend the Court.

Civil proceedings

In civil proceedings in the Trial Division, applicants must seek leave from the Court to organise a video link. This can be done by making a written application using Form 41AA for listing before an associate judge.

Once leave is given, the requesting party should contact the video link coordinator at the Court who will tentatively book in the date and time requested.

The party requesting the video link must organise all external details, such as the remote location and dial-in number, and provide the information to the video link coordinator. The Court recommends using Telstra iVision.

Once all of the details have been organised, the party requesting the video link is required to contact the judge's associate and provide the dial-in details.