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Temporary changes to Costs Court Directions Hearings (formerly Taxation Callover)

Please note. Temporary changes to the conduct of the Costs Court Directions Hearing on 16 March 2021 before Judicial Registrar Gourlay are in place. The same practice will continue to apply for future Directions until the Costs Court can return to hearings being listed in the courtroom.

Read the temporary changes on the Costs Court page.

Directions Hearing 16 March 2021
9.30am via Zoom

Part A: New for taxation
No File No
1 S ECI 2021 00581 Amir Fazli Wentworth Lawyers & Partners
2 S ECI 2021 00536 Kathleen Philomena Andrews (by her administrator Suzanne Mary Lyttleton) SLF Lawyers
3 S ECI 2021 00477 Chiropractic Board of Australia Malcom Hooper
4 S ECI 2021 00441 SLF Lawyers Oz Healtheries
5 S ECI 2021 00328 Linda Sadik Baker Jones Lawyers
6 S ECI 2021 00172 David Mallam Mathews Family Law
7 S ECI 2021 00080 Transport Accident Commission Kyle Joseph Anedda
Late entries
No File No Plaintiff Defendant
Part B: Review, for mention, adjournments
No File No Plaintiff Defendant
8 S ECI 2020 04632 Ruth Baig (by her administrator Suzanne Mary Lyttleton) Stella Paradalis
9 S ECI 2020 04496 Vahdat Beeta Landers and Rogers
10 S ECI 2020 04387 Thexton Lawyers Pty Ltd Thomson Geer Lawyers
11 S ECI 2020 04027 Nazim Nick Ramani & ors De Marco Lawyers
12 S ECI 2020 03818 Betty Twumwaa Jones MGA Lawyers
13 S ECI 2020 03454 Eventus Lawyers Pty Ltd Kathryn Lee Richens
14 S ECI 2020 02265 Eastbrooke Medical Centres Pty Ltd Con Michos
15 S ECI 2020 01645 Jennifer Jean Ludlow (in her personal capacity and as executor of the estate of Joyce Mary Gaze) Roberts Beckwith Partners (a firm)
16 S ECI 2019 03894 Pointon Partners Ines Kalweit (as administrator of the estate of Bruce Desmond Andrews, deceased)
17 S ECI 2019 03297 PBP Lawyers Kathleen Beard
18 S ECI 2019 01314 Jennifer Bennett (a pseudonym) Farrer Gesini Dunn
19 S CI 2015 04516 Brand Partners Commercial Lawyers Greater Shepparton City Council
Supreme Court of Victoria
Supreme Court of Victoria
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