The Practice Court of the Supreme Court of Victoria hears urgent applications that need not, or cannot (due to unavailability), be made to a judge sitting in any of the Supreme Court specialist lists.

The following urgent matters are heard by a trial judge in the Practice Court:

  • interlocutory and final injunction applications
  • caveat removal applications
  • confiscation, restraining and exclusion applications and other applications made under the Confiscation Act 1997 (Vic)
  • applications made under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (Cth)
  • applications for a freezing order
  • applications for a search order (anton piller)
  • appeals against an order of an associate justice
  • referrals made to the practice court by an associate justice.

The Practice Court ordinarily sits at 10.30am on weekdays but is available to sit at any time depending on the urgency of the application. Each case listed in the Practice Court has a maximum of two hours allocated to its hearing .

Barristers are not required to robe when appearing in the Practice Court.

Urgent applications after hours

If you have an urgent application before 9am or after 5pm on weekdays, or on a weekend, please contact the associate to the judge in the Practice Court on 0412 251 757 or the Practice Court Coordinator on 0419 303 981.

Swift trial applications

For matters where it is important that a trial be promptly heard, for example, where a plaintiff has been diagnosed with a terminal disease and has a limited life expectancy, refer to speedy trial applications for more information.

How do I get a date and time for a hearing in the Practice Court (Common Law)?

To book a time in the Practice Court (Common Law) please complete the Application Information Form and email the form to cenpgvpr.pbheg@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@truoc.ecitcarp .

The form has provision for you to request specific dates for hearing of your matter. The requested dates may not always be available.

The Practice Court Coordinator will contact you via email to let you know of your confirmed date or liaise with you for alternative dates for the hearing.

All enquiries should be directed to the Practice Court coordinator, by email to cenpgvpr.pbheg@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@truoc.ecitcarp  or by telephone on (03) 8600 2036.

After a date for your matter has been assigned, you are required to file your Originating process (if applicable), Summons or Notice of Appeal together with a copy of the confirmation email you have received from the Practice Court Coordinator via RedCrest, the Court's online filing portal.

Legal practitioners can electronically lodge court documents relating to civil cases through RedCrest.

How do I make an urgent application in a commercial matter?

The Commercial Court handles genuinely urgent applications in commercial matters. Please refer to the Urgent applications section on the Commercial Court page or contact the Commercial Court registry on 8600 2002.