Change to Document Access

From 4pm on Friday 29 March 2019, the CITEC platform previously used for electronic filing of documents in the Common Law Division, Costs Court and some Commercial Court matters will no longer be accessible. Prior to this date, we recommend that Court users ensure they have retained copies of documents filed in CITEC for their own ongoing reference. After the 29 March 2019, copies of documents previously filed in CITEC can be obtained by contacting the relevant Registry to search the Court file.

Matters heard at the Supreme Court are categorised by area of specialty.

Once a matter is filed for commencement in the Supreme Court it will be put into a list with other cases that deal with a similar subject area. The Court has a number of 'specialist lists' that deal with specialist areas of the law. These lists are managed by judicial officers with expertise in that particular area.

The specialist lists are as follows: