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On 8 June 2017, a civil jury of six found that an employer was liable for injuries arising out of a series of bullying incidents which occurred during the course of the plaintiff's employment as a boilermaker and fabricator.

The plaintiff alleged that his employer was liable for physical and psychological injuries that he sustained as a result of the bullying incidents. The plaintiff alleged that his employer was liable in negligence for, among other things, failing to provide a safe place of work. The plaintiff, who was in his late-thirties when he was first employed by the defendant, alleged that he has been unable to work since the incidents and made a claim for economic loss in addition to his claim for damages for pain and suffering.

The jury found that there was negligence on the part of the employer which caused injury to the plaintiff. The jury assessed pain and suffering damages at $250,000 and economic loss at $730,000.

Note: a jury does not give reasons for its verdict.

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