Court of Appeal webcast proceedings

The Court of Appeal webcasting pilot of criminal proceedings commenced in June 2017. Not all criminal proceedings in the Court of Appeal are webcast. Recordings will be made available within a few business days after a hearing. The Court will also publish the corresponding notice of appeal (where the DPP is appealing a sentence), applications for leave and, where appropriate, the parties' written cases to provide context to the webcast proceeding.

The Notice to the Profession - Pilot streaming of Proceedings provides further information for practitioners.

Current webcast proceedings

Terms of use 

1.The Supreme Court of Victoria retains copyright in this footage.

2. This footage is provided for the following reasons:

 a. To enable litigants and interested persons to view the proceedings;

 b. To assist media who are unable to personally attend judicial proceedings to fairly and accurately report on

   those proceedings;

 c. To allow schools, universities and legal training bodies to show judicial proceedings for educational


3. By watching this footage you are agreeing:

 a. That you are not a prospective witness giving evidence in this trial;

 b. That if you are a witness giving evidence in this trial, your evidence is completed;

 c. Not to copy, store, edit, modify, broadcast, post or redistribute this footage without the prior written

    approval of the Supreme Court of Victoria;

 d. To include the attribution 'Supreme Court of Victoria with any link to this footage;

 e. To abide by any orders or directions made relating to the confidentiality and/or non-publication of the

    proceedings shown in this footage. If you do not, you should be aware that you may be subject to a legal

    action including for breach of copyright, or defamation or, potentially, contempt of court.



16/8/2018* S APCR 2017 0183 - Damian Honeysett v The Queen
26/7/2018* S APCR 2017 0128 - Director of Public Prosecutions v Brandon Osborn
7/6/2018* S APCR 2017 0127 - Dimi Sovolos v The Queen
1/6/2018 S APCR 2017 0233 - Peter Madul v The Queen
30/5/2018 S APCR 2017 0159 - Paul Frederick Smith v The Queen
14/5/2018 S APCR 2017 0230 - DPP v Ebonie Weybury
20/12/2017 S APCR 2016 0179 - Steve Iliopoulos v The Queen; S APCR 2016 0180 - Vasilis Bariamis v The Queen
26/10/2017* S APCR 2017 0027 - Director of Public Prosecutions Reference No 1 of 2017
31/10/2017 S APCR 2017 0061 - Rodney Phillips v The Queen; S APCR 2017 0075 - Sam Liszczak v The Queen
21/9/2017 S APCR 2016 0234 - Hai Duc Nguyen v The Queen
21/9/2017 S APCR 2017 0037 - Alexander John Semaan v The Queen; S APCR 2016 00238 - DPP v Alexander John Semaan
12/9/2017 S APCR 2017 0003 - Dwayne Michael Byrne v The Queen
6/9/2017 S APCR 2017 007 - Stephen William Nicholson v The Queen
25/8/2017 S APCR 2016 0224 - Phuong Huu Huynh v The Queen; S APCR 2016 0233 - Allan Boontong Au v The Queen
23/6/2017  S APCR 2016 0257 - DPP (Cth) v Hassan El Sabsabi

*Hearing only