Form to be used to request delivery of a will which is held by the Registrar of Probates for safekeeping.

Please download and complete the form. Once completed, the form is to be submitted via RedCrest-Probate .

Select “File a document for an existing application” and then select “Request to uplift a will” as the document type. 

Please note, if the requestor is not the testator, this request must be accompanied by an affidavit providing evidence of the testator’s death by exhibiting a certified copy of the testator’s death certificate. The affidavit must also address the status of any executors named in the will who are not requesting delivery of the will. If an executor is unable to act, medical evidence must be exhibited to the affidavit. If another executor has the same right to apply as the executor(s) making the application to uplift the will then written consent of the other executor(s) must be exhibited to the affidavit.  

Supreme Court of Victoria
Supreme Court of Victoria
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