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Judgments Bulletin

The Supreme Court produces a fortnightly judgments bulletin, which provides information about recent judgments of the Court of Appeal and Trial Division, and links to the full judgments held on the AustLII website.

View the latest, and previous, versions of the Law Library of Victoria bulletin.

Accessing judgments, sentences and summaries 

Recent judgments and sentences are published on the AustLII website:

The Court audio webcasts some judgments and sentences and streams them live. You can also listen to the audio on demand.

Reserved judgments

In some instances, a judgment may be reserved and thus not available to access. Parties who wish to enquire about a delay in the delivery of a reserved judgment of the Court should refer to the protocol for reserved judgments.

Summaries and sentencing remarks 

The Supreme Court may also provide judgment summaries for certain cases. These summaries are a guide only and not the official decision of the Court. 

A number of unreported judgments, sentencing remarks and judgment summaries dating from the 1950s to the present, can be accessed via the Library catalogue. You can search the judgments index by party name, judge, citation and date. For assistance see the Judgments Search Help page.

Information about the Court's criminal cases and sentencing

The Supreme Court of Victoria also makes available a lot of information about its criminal cases and sentencing, publishing:

The information has been progressively developed and available for some time to assist the public in understanding the Court's decisions.