Associate judges hear and determine issues arising before and after trial in civil cases. They also assist the judges of appeal in the civil jurisdiction. As with judges, they are appointed by the Governor of Victoria. 

Below is a list of current associate judges.

Associate judges Period of office
The Hon. John Efthim 18 July 2005 -
The Hon. Alexander Jamie Wood 23 January 2006 -
The Hon. Robyn Gay Lansdowne 18 September 2006 -
The Hon. Melissa Lee Daly 10 October 2006 -
The Hon. Simon Peter Gardiner 6 November 2008 -
The Hon. Nemeer Mukhtar 18 August 2009 -
The Hon. Rodney Stuart Randall 17 May 2011 -
The Hon. David Mark Brudenell Derham 11 December 2012 -
The Hon. Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou 12 May 2015 -

For more information on the role of associate judges in the Supreme Court see associate judges' jurisdiction.