Associate judges hear and determine issues arising before and after trial in civil cases. They also assist the judges of appeal in the civil jurisdiction . As with judges, they are appointed by the Governor of Victoria. 

Below is a list of current associate judges.

Associate judges Period of office
The Hon. John Efthim 18 July 2005 -
The Hon. Alexander Jamie Wood 23 January 2006 -
The Hon. Melissa Lee Daly 10 October 2006 -
The Hon. Simon Peter Gardiner 6 November 2008 -
The Hon. Nemeer Mukhtar 18 August 2009 -
The Hon. Rodney Stuart Randall 17 May 2011 -
The Hon. Mary-Jane Ierodiaconou 12 May 2015 -
The Hon. Julian Michel Kalman Hetyey  11 February 2020 -

For more information on the role of associate judges in the Supreme Court see associate judges' jurisdiction.