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What's on at the Court

The Supreme Court hears some of the most serious criminal cases and most complex civil cases in the State of Victoria. It also hears some appeals from Victorian courts and tribunals. The Court has two distinct divisions, the Trial Division and the Court of Appeal. The Trial Division is made up of three divisions: the Criminal Division, the Common Law Division and the Commercial Court. Since COVID-19 began, many matters have been heard in virtual hearings.

The public can view many proceedings first hand by visiting the Court in Melbourne or when it is sitting and hearing matters while on circuit across the state, or via public live streaming. You can also watch lawyers being admitted to practise law or judges’ welcome and farewell ceremonies via our virtual video library.

To find out what matters are scheduled to be heard visit the Daily Hearing List.

The Work of the Court

The Court serves the community by upholding the law through just, independent and impartial decision making and dispute resolution. It is made up of two divisions – the Court of Appeal and Trial Division.

The Court of Appeal is the highest court in the state and determines whether a trial was conducted fairly, and whether the law was applied correctly. It hears criminal or civil appeals of decisions made in the Trial Division of the Supreme Court, the County Court of Victoria and some matters from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

In 2020-21, 371 cases were finalised in the Court of Appeal. The median time to finalise matters decreased from the previous year (from 10.4 to 9.2 months for criminal matters and 9.0 to 8.6 months for civil matters) and clearance rate targets for both criminal and civil appeals were met.

Court of Appeal hearings

The Trial Division is made up of the Criminal Division, Common Law Division and the Commercial Court. It hears serious criminal and civil cases in Victoria. It also hears appeals from the Magistrates’ Court, the Children’s Court, the Coroners Court and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. In 2020-21, over 4,400 cases were finalised in the Trial Division.

Cases in the Trial Division

Last year, virtual hearings enabled a variety of applications and preliminary hearings to take place in the Criminal Division despite the impact of COVID-19, preparing cases for jury empanelment when trials could resume. In the Common Law Division and Commercial Court, a cross-divisional Group Proceedings List was established to enhance the management of group proceedings (also known as class actions).

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Annual Report 2020-21

The Supreme Court's Annual Report highlights how the Court continued to deliver justice for the Victorian community in 2020-21.
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