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The Court is open to the public and we encourage people to attend hearings. You will find seating in the public gallery which is usually at the back of the courtroom. Hearings will only be closed when there are special circumstances.

Courtroom etiquette and protocol when attending hearings

When visiting a courtroom, you should:

  • enter and leave quietly (do not disrupt proceedings)
  • bow your head to the judge when you enter and before you leave
  • stand and bow your head when a judge enters or leaves the courtroom
  • dress appropriately (no hats or sunglasses)
  • avoid talking and eating
  • turn off mobile phones and other electronic equipment

Addressing a judge

In court, if you are speaking to a judge, you should stand and address them as 'Your Honour'. When speaking to a registrar of the Court, you should address them as 'Registrar'.

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