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The Court of Appeal hears appeals from criminal and civil cases decided in the Supreme Court Trial Division and County Court, and some appeals from the Magistrates' Court (when constituted by the Chief Magistrate) and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (when constituted by the President or a Vice President).

For more information on how the Court of Appeal works, watch these videos presented by The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Anne Ferguson, and the President of the Court of Appeal, Karin Emerton.

Most appeals require permission from the Court of Appeal before they can be heard. This is called ‘leave to appeal’.

There are two types of appeals the Court of Appeal hears:

  • Criminal appeals (appeals in relation to criminal trial, conviction or sentence).
  • Civil appeals (appeals in relation to civil decisions made by the Victorian Lower Courts).
Please note

There is a time limit on appealing a decision to the Court of Appeal. Different time limits apply depending on the type of decision you are appealing. 

Judges of the Court of Appeal

The President of the Court of Appeal is the Honourable Justice Emerton. 

See a full list of judges of the Supreme Court.

All communications with the Court of Appeal must be directed to the Registry. Parties must not communicate directly with Court of Appeal judges or their chambers.

The Court of Appeal is supported by a team of administrative and legal staff who work in the Court of Appeal Registry. The Registry is responsible for the administrative functions of the Court of Appeal. The Registry also provides support services to the judiciary, the legal profession and the public. The Registry can provide information about appeal procedure to practitioners and people representing themselves in Court (self-represented litigants).  

Court of Appeal registry staff cannot give legal advice. If you need legal advice, see the Court’s guide to free and low-cost legal help

All documents to be filed in a civil or criminal proceeding in the Court of Appeal must be eFiled in RedCrest except for:

  • Civil application/appeal books (to be filed in accordance with Court directions).
  • Civil combined folders of authorities (to be filed in accordance with Court directions).
  • Criminal transcripts and exhibits.
  • Where a party has been directed to file in a different way.

Practitioners are encouraged to contact the Court of Appeal Registry should they require clarification regarding sensitive documents, particularly where they were directed not to be filed electronically in the lower court.

The Court of Appeal regularly goes ‘on circuit’. A circuit is where the Court hears proceedings at a location other than its Melbourne CBD courtrooms. 

Each year, the Court of Appeal goes on circuit to locations across regional Victoria. See the regional circuit court calendar

You can watch recordings of some Court of Appeal proceedings, judgments and sentences online in our Multimedia On Demand section. For some matters, accompanying documents are also available to provide additional context. 

Stream a proceeding now

The Court of Appeal provides quarterly data on the gender of counsel appearing in criminal and civil applications and appeals. It does not include appearances:

  • When an application is heard by a single judge.
  • At directions hearings.
  • At judgment hand downs.

View the latest Court of Appeal data on gender of counsel.

Where matters are heard

The Court of Appeal is located at 459 Lonsdale Street in Melbourne. Its courtrooms are in a magnificent heritage building, formerly the Crown Law Offices. Members of the public are welcome to visit the Court. 

See information on court locations

See information on attending Court

Court of Appeal Registry  

Email correspondence is preferred with all parties included as recipients. All emails to the Court of Appeal Registry must be sent to pbnertvfgel@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@yrtsigeraoc .

You can contact the Court of Appeal Registry on (03) 8600 2001 from 8:30am to 5:00pm on business days. 

The registry counter is located on the Ground Floor 450 Little Bourke Street Melbourne and is open from 9:30am to 4:00pm on business days. The Court encourages attendance by appointment. 

Postal address: 

Court of Appeal Registry
Supreme Court of Victoria
210 William Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

For all Court of Appeal Registry contact details, see contact us