1. 17 December 2019

    The Court’s operating hours over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

  2. 12 December 2019

    The Court is developing a new online system that will enable electronic filing for probate matters.

  3. 26 November 2019

    Watch a recording of the ceremony marking the appointments of the 2019 senior counsel.

  4. 25 November 2019

    The Supreme Court is piloting a concierge service at the 210 William Street entrance.

  5. 21 November 2019

    Watch the live stream of the opening statements in the Mills and Ors v Powercor Australia Ltd and Ors.

  6. 15 November 2019

    The appeal hearing in DPP v Borce Ristevski was heard today.

  7. 14 November 2019

    The Supreme Court of Victoria’s 2017-19 Annual Report was tabled in Parliament today.

  8. 14 November 2019

    Information on the appeal hearing in the matter of DPP v Borce Ristevski.

  9. 13 November 2019

    Justice Nichols was officially welcomed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria by the profession today.

  10. 30 October 2019

    Read Justice Hollingworth's sentencing remarks delivered on 29 October 2019.