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Here you will find the most common forms that are lodged with the Probate Office.

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Summary Documents
Probate Office - Renunciation of Probate

These forms are to be used where an executor wishes to renounce their role as executor.

Renunciation of Probate (doc 53.00KB) Renunciation of Probate (pdf 138.56KB)
A Guide to Practitioners - Limited Grants of Representation A Guide to Practitioners - Limited Grants of Representation (pdf 687.59KB)
Probate Office - Notice of Discontinuance

This form is to be used to discontinue an application for a grant of representation.

Notice of discontinuance (pdf 58.78KB) Notice of discontinuance (doc 51.00KB)
Letters of Administration - Supplementary Affidavit of Administrator

This affidavit is to be filed in support of an application for letters of administration where further information has been requested by the Registrar of Probates.

Supplementary Affidavit of Administrator (pdf 44.16KB) Supplementary Affidavit of Administrator (doc 52.50KB)
Probate - Exemplification Request

Form to be used to request an Exemplification

Exemplification Request (docx 602.97KB) Exemplification Request (pdf 762.15KB)
Probate - Supplementary Affidavit of Executor

This affidavit is to be filed in support of an application for probate in response to a request for further information made by the Registrar of Probates.

Supplementary Affidavit of Executor (pdf 44.13KB) Supplementary Affidavit of Executor (doc 54.50KB)
Probate Office - Administration Account

These forms are to be used by an executor or administrator to provide a true and just account of an estate.

Administration account (pdf 67.05KB) Administration account (doc 55.00KB)
Probate Office - Affidavit of Due Execution

This affidavit is required to be filed to establish whether a will was executed in accordance with the requirements set out in the Wills Act 1997.

Affidavit of Due Execution (doc 59.00KB) Affidavit of Due Execution (pdf 132.10KB)
Probate Office - Withdrawal of Caveat

This document is to be filed to withdraw a caveat that has been filed with the Probate Office.

Withdrawal of caveat (pdf 58.73KB) Withdrawal of caveat (doc 52.00KB)
Probate Office - Notice to Produce

This form is to be used to produce a Probate Office file to a judicial officer for a hearing.

Notice to produce (docx 21.85KB) Notice to produce (pdf 90.62KB)