The registries are responsible for the Court's administration. They provide information on the filing of documents, pre-trial conferences, video links of proceedings, fee payment, and general procedural advice. If you need advice about commencing, defending or appealing a legal action we have some information on representing yourself.

Principal registry  

The Supreme Court Principal Registry performs a range of administrative functions and services including:

Please note

Registry staff cannot give you legal advice. They can help with general information about the Court; its rules, procedures and processes.

Commercial Court registry

This registry deals with administrative matters relating to judge-managed Commercial Court proceedings and with urgent Commercial Court matters.

Court of Appeal registry

This registry deals with the administrative functions of the Court of Appeal as well as providing support services to the judiciary, the legal profession and the public.

Criminal Division registry

The administrative and legal staff in the Criminal Registry support the work undertaken in the Criminal Division, but also provide information and assistance to legal practitioners and the public.


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