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The Court's eFiling systems RedCrest and RedCrest-Probate will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 6pm Friday 24 May to 1pm Saturday 25 May. RedCrest and RedCrest-Probate will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Court fee change

Court fees payable to the Prothonotary, the Probate Office and the Court of Appeal increase annually on 1 July.

Further information can be found under Fees.

Separate affidavits and exhibits are no longer accepted for filing

Affidavits and exhibits must be filed together as a single, paginated document. Please see the Court’s example affidavit for guidance on how to comply with this court process. An affidavit template and further information about the changes are available in this Notice to the Profession.

Processing Times

All documents submitted for filing are subject to review. Processing times will vary depending on the nature of the documents.

Documents filed in the Trial Division are generally processed within half a business day.

Application by Summons

Every application for a hearing (usually by summons) requires pre-allocation of a hearing date by the relevant registry or list. Please refer to the relevant area of the court and any corresponding practice note to obtain approval of a hearing date and time.

Confidential documents and urgent applications

It is recommended that you contact the relevant Registry for further instructions before filing any documents that are confidential. For urgent applications, please note that approval is required for all urgent hearings, which should be obtained before filing your documents in RedCrest.

Access to Court files by parties

Parties to a proceeding may request enhanced case access to electronic court files, which are those proceedings that contain an ‘E’ (referring to ‘Electronic’).

Please ask the Case Manager to email erqperfg@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@tsercder , informing the Court that they approve the granting of enhanced case access to you. The Case Manager is the person responsible for the proceeding whose details appear in the ‘tram tracks’ on the initiating or first responding document filed in the proceeding.

This does not apply to requests for access to criminal files.

For further details on Enhanced Case Access please see the Accessing Cases. 

e-Filing in the Probate office

The information on this page relates to RedCrest e-Filing. If you need information about RedCrest-Probate you can find the latest information about processes, forms and e-Filing in RedCrest-Probate e-Filing information

If you need to apply for probate or administration, you can find out more about grants of probate and the administration of deceased estates in Wills & Probate.