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2020 - 2025 Strategic Statement

Our goal 

To be a modern superior court that is accessible to and trusted by all, fulfilling a fundamental role in our democratic society.

Our purpose

To serve the community by upholding the law through just, independent and impartial decision making and dispute resolution.

Our values

Our goal and purpose are underpinned by the following values:


Striving for excellence in decision-making and the performance of all of our work. We aim to lead the Victorian legal system.

Equality (before the law)

Ensuring due process and equal protection of the law to all those before the Court, including in criminal cases through the right to a fair trial and application of the principle that a person is 'innocent until proven guilty'.


Enabling simple entry to the legal process; ensuring cases are managed and determined fairly. Ensuring that the Court's processes are clear, consistent, user-friendly and non-discriminatory. Making the Court physically available to all.

Integrity and transparency

Maintaining systems and supports to ensure the integrity of the Court and its work. Conducting our hearings in public and making them available for viewing through technological means where appropriate. Promoting trust and confidence in the work of the Court by proactively engaging with the community about the Court and its work. Being accountable for our actions and our use of public resources.

Timeliness and efficiency

Striving to perform all of our functions efficiently and disposing of cases within an appropriate time. Aiming to deliver judgments within a reasonable time.

Certainty and clarity

Writing judgments that are clear, concise and easy to understand.

Innovation and change

Being a leader in innovation and embracing changes in technology and court processes, while still respecting traditions that continue to serve the Court and the community well.

Courtesy and respect

Treating all Court users with courtesy and respect. Respecting and promoting diversity.

Unity and wellbeing

Fostering health and wellbeing, professional development, collaboration and respect among all judicial and non-judicial members of the Court.