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The Supreme Court holds admission ceremonies for new lawyers being admitted to practise law throughout the year. Head to admissions to stream a ceremony.

Our digital video archives also include the appointment ceremonies of Senior Counsel for Victoria.

All of these ceremonies are streamed live and are available for the public to watch in real time. Information about live ceremonies is published on the Daily Hearing List.

The Daily Hearing List includes all matters scheduled to be heard in the Supreme Court each day with times and courtrooms. Head to the Daily Hearing List to find out what matters are going to be heard today at the Court.


Watch ceremonies held for new judges when they are welcomed to the Court.
Watch the ceremonies

Admission Ceremonies

Admission ceremonies of Australian Lawyers from Banco Court.
Watch the ceremonies

Farewell Ceremonies

Farewell ceremonies of Supreme Court judges.
Watch the ceremonies

Senior Counsel Appointments

Watch the appointments of Senior Counsel from 2015 to 2021.
Watch Senior Counsel appointments