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RedCrest is the Supreme Court of Victoria’s secure 24/7 e-Filing system. 

RedCrest e-Filing Hub 

To file documents at the Supreme Court you will need to use RedCrest, the Court's e-Filing platform. 

In the RedCrest Hub, you can access user guides to learn how to register for a RedCrest account, initiate cases, and file new documents.

The RedCrest filing system is used for matters across the Court of Appeal, Common Law Division, Criminal Division, Costs Court and all Commercial Court matters.

The Court has a separate RedCrest e-Filing system for Probate matters. 

If you already have a RedCrest or RedCrest- account login now.

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Register for a new RedCrest account.
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Register for RedCrest-Probate for all Probate matters.
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RedCrest e-Filing User Guides

You can watch or read a guide about how to file documents for a range of matters across the Court.

Get started with the guides below or explore the full collection of RedCrest user guides

Register for RedCrest

This guide will show you how to create an e-Filing account.

How to start filing in RedCrest

Get a step-by-step guide to filing documents.

RedCrest-Probate Guides

Get tips on how to e-File for Probate matters.


Learn how to create a subsequent filing.


Representing yourself in court means you take responsibility for the tasks that a lawyer would otherwise do.

If you are representing yourself, you are known as a self-represented litigant (SRL). If you are considering representing yourself in the Supreme Court, please access information about representing yourself in the Supreme Court of Victoria by heading to, Representing Yourself.

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Terms & Conditions

If you'd like to learn more about RedCrest and how the Court collects data you can view the RedCrest terms and conditions. The Supreme Court of Victoria seeks to adhere to the State and national privacy regimes. Read the privacy statement from the Supreme Court.