Once the Court has granted probate or administration, copies of grants, wills and other records can be requested on payment of the appropriate fee. Records are only available if a grant has been issued. You can search for the existence of a record on the Application, Caveat and Wills Indices for grants made after 1970. 

If you are undertaking family history research the Public Record Office online index has a catalogue of all records issued by the Supreme Court from 1841 to 2016.

Records available for search at the Probate Office

Grants of representation filed with the Court on, or after, 1 January 2017, are stored at the Supreme Court of Victoria Probate Office. Fees apply to search a file and photocopy any documents.

  • Check for the existence of a probate record on the Application, Caveats and Wills Indices. If the status of an application shows 'application granted' then the file may be searched. 
  • Attend the Probate Office to place a search request. On some occasions we may be able to give you access to the file after a short wait (for example, if the application was granted recently). In most instances however, you will need to come back in to the probate office to inspect the file, usually on the next business day. Files are generally held for two weeks.
  •  If you would like to photocopy a record we will provide you with a photocopy card (fees apply). You may also bring your own USB flash drive and can scan documents to it, free of charge.

If you cannot attend the Probate Office to conduct a search

Probate Office staff can conduct a search on your behalf. Once you've confirmed that a record is held by our office (following the process outlined in Step 1 above), send us a letter or email detailing the full name and date of death of the deceased, indicating the documents you require (fees apply).

Records available for search at the Public Record Office

The Probate Office does not hold probate records for applications filed with the Court prior to 1 January 2017. These records are held by the Public Records Office Victoria