Steven Elliot Williams brought a class action on behalf of persons who suffered injury, damage or loss as a result of the Mickleham-Kilmore bushfire on 9 February 2014.

The parties agreed to a settlement of the class action. The settlement was approved by the Honourable Justice Emerton by orders dated 28 August 2017.

The Court has been advised that the roll out of compensation to group members is complete. On 9 November 2018, Justice John Dixon made orders dissming the proceeding.

Pleadings, Reasons for judgment and notices
  • 05/09/2017
    Mickleham-Kilmore Notice of Settlement
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  • 04/09/2017
    Mickleham-Kilmore Ruling of Associate Justice Wood
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  • 28/08/2017
    Mickleham-Kilmore Reasons of Justice Emerton
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  • 23/02/2016
    Mickleham-Kilmore Fourth Amended Statement of Claim
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  • 30/03/2015
    Mickleham-Kilmore Defence of Third Defendant to Counterclaim
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  • 23/03/2015
    Mickleham-Kilmore Defence of Second Defendant
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  • 15/01/2015
    Mickleham-Kilmore Reply and Defence to Counterclaim
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  • 15/12/2014
    Mickleham-Kilmore AusNet’s Defence & Counterclaim
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  • 01/02/2014
    Mickleham-Kilmore bushfire class action - Notice of a class action
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