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Use this form to make an application for divorce information.

Divorce files are confidential under the Family Law Act 1975. To access divorce information, use the documents below to make an application for divorce information.

The Supreme Court may release information from divorce files to:

  •   the parties involved or their legal representatives;
  •   an individual who has the written consent of one or both of the parties;
  •   an individuals application, reviewed on the basis of a sworn affidavit, and providing sufficient cause to receive such information has been given.

The Supreme Court of Victoria holds divorce files from approximately 1942 to 1975. For divorce files prior to 1942, refer to the Public Records Office of 
Victoria. For records after 1975, refer to the Family Court.

An affidavit in support of application for divorce information is required if the individual is not a party, their legal representatives or an individual who has written consent of one or both parties is applying.

Last updated: June 2019.

Supreme Court of Victoria
Supreme Court of Victoria
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