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The standard directions orders should be for Employment and Industrial List proceedings that are in the nature of judicial review or appeal. That is, proceedings that are commenced by Originating Motion pursuant to Order 56 of the Supreme Court (General Civil Procedure) Rules 2015.

The standard directions orders should be amended by parties where required and emailed to rzcyblzragnaqvaqhfgevny@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@lairtsudnidnatnemyolpme .

Examples of these proceedings are appeals and applications in the nature of judicial review from:

  • The Industrial Division of the Magistrates' Court (save for decisions made in the exercise of jurisdiction under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth).
  • The Human Rights List of VCAT involving allegations by an employee of discrimination or harassment in the workplace.
  • Decisions of tribunals in relation to employment.

Download a Word version of the form below.

Supreme Court of Victoria
Supreme Court of Victoria
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