You will find seating in the public gallery which is usually at the back of the courtroom. Hearings will only be closed when there are special circumstances.

When visiting a courtroom, you should:

  • enter and leave quietly (do not disrupt proceedings)
  • bow your head to the judge when you enter and before you leave
  • stand and bow your head when a judge enters or leaves the courtroom
  • dress appropriately (no hats or sunglasses)
  • avoid talking and eating
  • turn off mobile phones and any other electronic equipment

Addressing a judge

In court, if you are speaking to a judge, you should stand and address them as 'Your Honour'.

When speaking to a registrar of the Court, you should address them as 'Registrar '.

The Victoria Law Foundation brochure 'What do I call the judge?' provides further information about speaking and writing to judges in Victoria. Download the brochure from the Victoria Law Foundation website.

The Supreme Court of Victoria: The highest court in Victoria brochure is also available to download.