Follow Justin’s case – a fictional account of an 18-year old student charged with manslaughter as he proceeds through a criminal trial at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

A new release video made by the Supreme Court of Victoria offers a short insight into how criminal trials are run, and shows the role of the judge, prosecution, defence , witnesses and jury, as well as the factors that go into sentencing an offender.

The video, available to view below, is also accompanied by a companion booklet to help explain the procedures of a trial and how a trial reaches the Supreme Court.

The resources were produced in 2016* as part of a General Grant received from the Victoria Law Foundation.

*Please note that, since filming the video, juries legislation and judicial robes have been changed/updated.

Message from the Chief Justice

Mock trial video: One punch, a lifetime of consequences

On a rowdy night out with the boys, Justin finds himself in a fight at the local pub. Punches are thrown and Joe, one of Justin’s classmates, hits the ground and knocks his head on the concrete. Later that evening Joe is pronounced dead at the hospital.

Watch Justin’s fictitious Supreme Court trial unfold below and see first-hand how criminal trials in Victoria’s highest court are run.

Companion booklet

This student booklet accompanies the Supreme Court’s mock trial video and complements a school’s visit to the Supreme Court of Victoria. It explains the roles of people who work in the courtroom, the procedures of a trial and provides for discussion of how a trial reaches, and proceeds at, the Supreme Court.

Click on the link below to download the booklet.

Supreme Court of Victoria
Supreme Court of Victoria
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