If you are considering representing yourself in the Supreme Court, this section will give you some information about the support available.

People who choose to represent themselves do so for three main reasons:

  • They think they can't afford a lawyer 
  • They feel they don't need a lawyer 
  • They have been unable to access legal assistance

If you can't afford a lawyer we can help you find legal representation. There are a number of free and low-cost legal services available. Representing yourself at Supreme Court level can be very costly if you lose.

Court staff can provide general information about Supreme Court Rules, procedures and processes, forms and fees but we can't give legal advice.

    How we can help

    If you choose to proceed without a lawyer we can give you general guidance with regard to representing yourself.

    Start a legal action

    Information to help you understand what's involved in starting a legal action including the rules and legislation, forms and handy self-help guides. Find out more about starting a legal action.

    Defend a legal action

    If you've been served legal documents and you decide to defend yourself in court we can offer you some general advice on process and procedure, forms and legislation and access to relevant self-help guides. Find out more about defending a legal action.

    Appeal or review a decision

    If you're unhappy with a decision to come out of another court or tribunal, you may be able to appeal or review the decision to the Supreme Court. Find out more about appealing a decision.

    Self-Represented Litigant Coordinator

    The Self-Represented Litigant Coordinator specialises in helping people without legal representation. The coordinator can assist with:

    • procedural and practical advice
    • information about court forms and fees
    • information about alternative methods of resolving a dispute
    • organisations that provide free or low cost legal services
    • self-help packs on various types of proceedings.

    Contact the SRL coordinator

    If you would like to meet with the SRL coordinator, call 03 9603 9240 to make an appointment. The coordinator's office is in the Supreme Court Registry.

    Self-help information packs