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Litigious Costs Review

The Supreme Court of Victoria is conducting a limited review of the Scale of  in Victorian courts, from 10 November till 10 December. Learn more

The Costs Court is a division of the Supreme Court of Victoria that deals with disputes pertaining to legal costs . Legal costs disputes can be either a:

A dispute between a client and their lawyer over the amount charged to the client for providing legal services.

A dispute over the amount of legal costs a successful party can recover from the unsuccessful party following a legal proceeding in any court or tribunal in Victoria. 

The process of an assessment or review of legal costs undertaken by the Costs Court is called a taxation.

To commence a proceeding in the Costs Court a Summons for Taxation must be issued.  A fee is payable at the time of issuing that Summons and further fees may be payable during the proceeding. A fee is required, unless you have a fee waiver.

Judges of the Costs Court

The Costs Court comprises of Associate Judges, a Judicial Registrar and two Costs Registrars.

Associate Judges

  • The Hon Associate Justice Efthim
  • The Hon Associate Justice Daly
  • The Hon Associate Justice Gardiner
  • The Hon Associate Justice Mukhtar
  • The Hon Associate Justice Randall
  • The Hon Associate Justice Ierodiaconou
  • The Hon Associate Justice Hetyey
  • The Hon Associate Justice Matthews
  • The Hon Associate Justice Irving

Judicial Registrar

  • Judicial Registrar Conidi

Costs Registrars

  • Costs Registrar Walton
  • Costs Registrar Vacant