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About virtual hearings

The Supreme Court of Victoria is changing the way it operates in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

To ensure the Court can continue to deliver core and vital services during this time, it is introducing a suite of changes to its processes and procedures.

In a time where we must limit face-to-face interactions, the Court has introduced virtual hearings.

Civil matters will be heard by Webex, Skype or Zoom depending on the requirements of the proceeding.

Criminal hearings will only be heard by Webex or existing VideoLink technology.

Accessing virtual hearings

For further information about access to Court proceedings at this time, read accessing virtual hearings.

Information to support practitioners

 Backdrop photos

The Court has made four images available for use by members of the legal profession to use as backgrounds when appearing in virtual Supreme Court hearings.

Download all four backdrop images by clicking here (3.7 MB)

Virtual court #1 - Court 15
Supreme Court of Victoria courtroom 15

Virtual court #2 - Old High Court

Old High Court

Virtual court #3 - Court 7

Court 7 in the Supreme Court of Victoria

Virtual court #4 - Court 11

Court 11 in the Supreme Court of Victoria

Platform user guides

The Court has developed user guides for the Webex and Zoom platforms. These guides can be dowloaded at the bottom of this page.