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The Court's eFiling systems RedCrest and RedCrest-Probate will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 6pm Friday 24 May to 1pm Saturday 25 May. RedCrest and RedCrest-Probate will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

From 6 November 2023 the Supreme Court will change its process regarding some documents filed by parties on RedCrest.

From 6 November 2023 some documents filed by parties on RedCrest in civil proceedings in the Trial Division will no longer be checked for compliance with certain formalities. These documents include:

  • affidavits and exhibits
  • submissions and some other hearing related documents
  • notices of appearance
  • pleadings
  • proper basis and overarching certificates
  • notices of objection to the Costs Court.

The acceptance of these types of documents will enable the Court and parties to access these documents sooner and avoid the time and cost involved in rectifying minor issues.

Registry staff will continue to answer procedural queries from practitioners and people representing themselves on any proposed filing, as required. Unrepresented parties will continue to receive specialised assistance and support throughout the filing process.

The Registry will continue to review all other documents filed with the Court for compliance.

It remains the responsibility of practitioners to carefully prepare documents in accordance with the relevant Supreme Court Rules and any orders relevant to that filing. Acceptance of a document for filing does not limit the capacity of a party to raise substantive issues of non-compliance.


Published on 06 November 2023