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The Court of Appeal met with school students, local magistrates and court staff during a circuit to Shepparton.

Justices David Beach, Maree Kennedy and Lesley Taylor heard and delivered judgments on three regional cases as part of the sitting.

The judges spoke with Year 10 careers students from St Anne’s College about their role and career paths in the law before answering questions from the students on everything from work-life balance and memorable cases to how being a real-life lawyer compared to popular TV shows.

“It was wonderful to see the law through the students’ eyes and share our experiences, I’m sure there will be some future lawyers among the group,” Justice Kennedy said.

The Court of Appeal is the State’s highest court and hears appeals from the Supreme Court, County Court and Magistrates’ Court, and from VCAT.

Justice Taylor said the three appeals heard on the circuit related to issues which had a significant impact on all communities – road trauma and family violence. 

“The Supreme Court of Victoria is a Court for all Victorians and it’s important cases can be heard in the areas they originate from,” Justice Beach said.

The Court of Appeal’s next circuit will be to Geelong in August.

The civil and criminal divisions of the Supreme Court also regularly sit in regional areas – view the circuit calendar.  

Published on 18 June 2024