Practitioners are invited to view and try the upgraded eCourt technology.

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Practitioners are invited to view and try the Supreme Court’s new eCourts during 'plug and play' demonstrations held on 28 August and 24 September. All are welcome to bring their devices to experiment with connectivity and evidence presentation. 

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By mid-2021, all 31 courtrooms and three mediation rooms will be renewed into eCourts enabled spaces to support the increasingly digital nature of matters heard at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

eCourts technology used for trial

The upgraded eCourt technology in Court 7 of the Supreme Court was recently used in a trial for the first time.

Justice Zammit presided over a judge-alone trial that comprehensively utilised evidence presentation where a number of exhibits, including photographs, videos, animations and motor vehicle collision simulations, were displayed on the high-definition eCourts screens throughout the trial. Witnesses were able to ‘mark up’ exhibits on the touch screen in the witness box, and all Court users could immediately see the markings on their own screens. 

Read more about the eCourts Renewal project. 


eCourts Renewal Progress

Progress bar showing the status of the eCourts Renewal Progress between January 2019 and June 2021.

Published on 20 August 2019