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Lawyers join judges and historians to explore issues including the difference between murder and manslaughter, terrorism cases, and defamation law.

The Supreme Court of Victoria’s award-winning podcast, Gertie’s Law, has returned with a new season and, for the first time, features interviews with the barristers and solicitors who occupy an unexplored area of the Court: the bar table.

Season one introduced listeners to judicial officers, tipstaves, court staff, the journalists who cover court cases, and many others. In season two, we speak to barristers and solicitors, giving listeners a fuller picture of what happens in the courtroom.

Lawyers join judges and historians to explore complex issues including the difference between murder and manslaughter, terrorism cases and defamation law. Season two also provides insight into one the most well-known judges to sit on the Supreme Court, Sir Redmond Barry, and even explores the world of the hardworking court therapy dogs and the dedicated people who work with them.

With more than 280,000 downloads across 142 countries, the podcast was recognised in April last year at the New York Festival Radio Awards, winning the Education Podcast category from a shortlist of international entrants. 

Gertie’s Law is available to stream now or you can download and listen wherever you get your podcasts.  

The title Gertie’s Law is a reference to the statue of Lady Justice above the Court’s William Street entrance in Melbourne, known colloquially as Gertie.

Published on 05 May 2021