Law Week (13-19 May 2019) is an annual festival of events presented by the Victoria Law Foundation aimed at making learning about the law easy for the public.

Held in May each year, Law Week offers Victorians the opportunity to find answers to their legal questions, discover the history of the courts or simply enjoy the spectacle of the law.

The Supreme Court has planned a record number of free events and tours as part of the Law Week 2019 program, including guided ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘history and heritage’ tours and a special access to justice information session at the Law Week Federation Square Hub.

The Court is piloting a special VCE school event called ‘Hooked on justice’, which provides VCE Legal Studies students from as close as Sunbury to the far reaches of Orbost and beyond, the opportunity to connect with the Court and get to know a real Supreme Court judge, all via Skype.

The Law Library of Victoria is also hosting a number of free events in the Supreme Court Library:

Courts Open Day

Although open to the public throughout the year, the Supreme Court, County Court and Magistrates' Court are opening their doors and holding a range of special events, from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, 18 May.

The community can explore the elaborate Banco courtroom, the grand Supreme Court library, and the beautifully restored courtroom 4 where many criminal trials are heard today.

Court staff will be on hand on Courts Open Day to chat to the public about the work of the Court, with the following events also scheduled:

Find out more about all of the Supreme Court’s events during Law Week:

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Library tour


Hooked on justice

Switch on - Finding legislation online


Behind the scenes tour

Library tour

Improving access to justice


Lyrical Lunchtimes


Behind the scenes tour

History and heritage tour


Up close and personal

Meet Coop


Getting to know Gertie


Beyond the Bench


Library insights

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Published on 17 April 2019