The Court is developing a new online system that will enable electronic filing for probate matters.

Please note, the launch of RedCrest Probate has been delayed. Read the update - Changes to the Probate Office.


Probate going online

The Court is developing a new online system that will enable all applications to be electronically filed, pursuant to the Supreme Court (Administration and Probate) Rules 2014.   

RedCrest-Probate to launch on 15 April 2020

Staff within the Probate Office and a small number of law firms have been involved in the design of RedCrest-Probate,  an electronic filing (eFiling) system developed specifically for probate matters, ensuring the final product will meet the needs of both the Court and its users. The law firms involved have been trialling RedCrest-Probate and providing feedback as the system is developed.   

The benefits of eFiling through RedCrest-Probate will include the ability to:

  • complete and pay for an application online, anywhere and anytime
  • save applications as drafts, while gathering necessary documents
  • view and track the status of applications in a user-friendly web-based portal
  • submit any further information and answers to requisitions online.

Further information, including answers to frequently asked questions and details of information sessions will be published on the Court’s website closer to the launch date.

For future updates on the development of RedCrest-Probate, continue to visit the Supreme Court website in the new year and follow the Court on Facebook and Twitter

If you have any questions please email erqperfg-cebongr@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@etaborp-tsercder


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Published on 12 December 2019