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The Council of Judges of the Supreme Court of Victoria approved a proposal from the Legal Costs Committee of the Court for a prompt and limited review concerning the use and utility of the Scale of Costs in Victorian courts.

Supreme Court Justice Jack Forrest and County Court Judge Kathryn Kings have been commissioned to conduct the review.

To obtain a clear picture of Court users’ views and use of the Scale of Costs we need to gather data and comments. A time constrained consultation process has been developed which will commence by – (i) placing a Discussion Paper on the webpage of the Supreme and County Court websites and, (ii) providing the profession, Court users and the public with the opportunity to make written submissions to the Court.

The review of litigious costs will be open from 10 November till 10 December 2021.

Written submissions are to be sent to the following email: fhozvffvbaf@fhcpbheg.ivp.tbi.nhua.vog.civ.truocpus@snoissimbus

Supreme Court of Victoria and County Court of Victoria
Date of publication
Published on 10 November 2021